​Over 300,000 alumni athletes have been in The Games.  We welcome everyone who participated in the L.A. Watts Summer Games; all have been champions, inspiring change in themselves and others.  Additionally, The Games have been an integral part for many alumni who have gone on to become successful in various professions.

Select alumni of the L.A. Watts Summer Games have gone on to become legends, and have empowered millions of others to bring about change in their lives.   Some notable alumni of the games include:

  • John Elway, NFL Great, Denver Broncos General Manager
  • Lisa Leslie, WNBA superstar and three-time Olympic gold medalist
  • Valerie Brisco Hooks, track & field gold medalist – 1984 Olympics
  • Byron Scott, former coach of the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Michael Cooper, LA Lakers and WNBA Coach
  • The late Florence Griffith Joyner, Olympic sprint record holder, considered the fastest woman of all time.