Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The USA City Games™ is proud to utilize The Games as a platform for promoting improved Health and Wellness and Body, Mind & Spirit.  To that end we will offer presentations at inner-city schools, and all of our fundraising, qualifying, and main events.

Rod Dixon, VP Youth Development of the USA City Games™, will be presenting Healthy Habits for Healthy Communities.  This program includes lessons in the role of the classroom, the community, and the family aimed at creating healthier living.

Other specialists, such as former professional athletes, will provide mentor leadership programs that champion the benefits of health and wellness, and body, mind & spirit connected with sports.

The L.A. Memorial Coliseum will provide a gathering for thousands of inspired people for the event.  Here our sponsor partners will encourage, motivate, and empower others to help bring about health and wellness and lifestyle changes.

We are all on this journey together.