One of the last stronghold of bringing America together at every level is under the guise of sports. Its presence and impact goes across all demographics, geography, educational levels and many of the other subdivisions that today often divides us as a country. In general, people are actively involved in sports giving their time and money to be part of an experience that they place a high value on. The recent Super Bowl XLIX reflected the country’s fixation on sports with the game being the highest watched event in US televisions history.

bballMany of today’s youth have a strong passion for participating in athletics.  At one time or another, boys and girls dream of being the next, LeBron James, Tom Brady,  Mike Trout, Lionel Messi, Lisa Leslie or Serena Williams.  This allows sports to gain the attention of youth where so many other approaches fail.

There are so many lessons that participating in sports so vividly illustrate as both a spectator and a participant.  Sports are an institution which serves to instill a sense of belonging or meaning to many young people’s lives.

The idea of “winning” in sports serves as a visible example of success: a highly valued commodity in our society.