The USA City Games™ is held annually in Los Angeles, paying homage to the L.A. Watts Summer Games.  Our goal is to expand the Games to other major markets nationwide as early as 2018:

  • 2018 – Two Cities
  • 2019 – Five Cities
  • 2020 – Seven Cities
  • 2021 – Ten Cities

The USA City Games™ is committed to partnering with sponsors that share our vision of connecting sports and education to empower metropolitan and inner-city children, families, and communities to live healthier lifestyles.

  • USA City Games™ will be organizing, producing and operating The Games throughout the country beginning with The Games’ debut in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2017:
    • Bridging the gap of health and wellness, mind, body & spirituality through sports.
    • Provide grassroots marketing opportunities.
    • Tangible media and exposure numbers.
    • Multicultural Exposure with Multi-Millions of Impressions in each city.
    • World class California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) sports competition.
      • Endorsed by the CIF, Southern and City Sections regulatory body for high school athletic competition.
    • Attendance, over 150,000+ visitors, athletes, and families.
    • Fourteen total days of games.
    • Using sports to promote improved communities and participation for the greater good.


For more information on becoming a sponsor for the USA City Games™, please contact Don Janklow at 818-981-2327, or email [email protected] (please indicate “Sponsor” in the subject).